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About Us

"I love those sweaters. Why don't they make them like that anymore?"

This question, posed to our founder by a fellow chairlift rider, launched the performance ski sweater brand Delaine & Co.

"I was on the Supreme chair at Alta a few days before Covid shut down the country in March 2020. It was a mild, sunny afternoon and I was wearing a tight-knit, boldly colored Merino wool sweater my parents gave me in 1976. The guy on the chair next to me asked me about the sweater, and we talked about how great the designs look, and that no one was making them like that anymore.  We also agreed that merino wool was the best mid layer on the planet - much better than the cheaper synthetic options more commonly worn today. That conversation got me hooked and decided it was time to start a new company."

The sweaters are made to be functional and comfortable, and designed for those who want to feel good and look good on a steep bump run, blue groomer, or the lodge. Made in the USA from domestic and Italian merino wool, Delaine sweaters are made to last a lifetime. 

Since day one, our focus is serving the skiing community.  We support colleges, academies, coaches, teaching pros and the National Ski Patrol and anyone that likes to point them down the hill and have fun.  



Sweaters to last a lifetime.

Quality stitching, durable materials and our Made in America commitment ensure our sweaters will be around for generations to come. Unmatched by any other fiber, merino wool is the proven choice for warmth under a jacket or alone on a bluebird day.

Signature Designs

Delaine & Co.'s goal is to have you looking good and feeling good on the slopes. Our designs are bold, vibrant and classic, catering to the downhill skier.

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