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Manufacturing and Sourcing

Made from fine Merino wool, Delaine & Co. sweaters provide an ideal balance of next-to-skin comfort, temperature regulation and moisture wicking. No other fiber matches the adaptable power of wool.

Wool Source

Delaine sources 100% Merino wool from a Climate Beneficial™ verified ranch in California. We use a 21-micron wool fiber diameter that provides a soft feel, but maintains its strength and durability for an outerwear garment. The yarn is custom dyed to match the colors of our vibrant designs and tested for colorfastness.

Manufacturing and Quality

Delaine & Co. sweaters are designed and manufactured in the United States. Design, quality control, shipping and customer service are located at our headquarters in New Hampshire. Our US based manufacturing partners have made a huge investment in state-of-the-art knitting and finishing equipment and are committed to bringing high quality garment manufacturing back to the US. 


In partnership with Climate Beneficial™, our wool source directly contributes to the expansion of climate benefitting land stewardship through sustainable farming practices. As a natural fiber, our wool is grown and raised in a way that maximizes the drawdown of carbon from the atmosphere to help restore ecosystem health and stabilize our climate. Learn More.

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