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What's the best way to wash a Delaine wool ski sweater?

The care instructions are included in "Care" tab on every product page.  Here is the detail:

100% Merino wool is naturally odor and stain resistant and doesn’t need to be washed as often as other apparel materials. After wear, make sure the sweater is dry. If not, drape it over a rack or chair. After airing out, fold and store. Do not put the sweater on a hanger as it can lose its shape.
Small Stains
If you have a small stain, try to treat it as soon as possible. Dampen the area with cold water or seltzer, then blot dry with an absorbent clean cloth. For handling specific types of stains, please see this link from

Dry Clean Optional

Dry cleaning is optional, but frequent dry cleaning change the properties of the  merino wool fiber.  

Hand Washing the Sweater
If the sweater is starting to fail the smell test or has basic grit and grime that spot cleaning can’t handle, it’s time to hand wash. Hand washing the sweater is better than dry cleaning because the harsh chemicals used aren’t suitable for the wool fibers over time. To wash, fill a plastic tub or clean sink with cool water and 1–2 teaspoons of mild liquid detergent.
Place the sweater in the tub, gently swish it around for a couple of minutes, and then let it soak for 10 minutes. Gently swish again and then drain the soapy water. Fill with cool water and gently swish again, repeating the process until the soap residue is gone. Gently squeeze the sweater to remove excess water, DO NOT WRING!
Lay the sweater flat between two dry towels and press down to remove more water. Remove the top towel and make sure the sweater is lying completely flat with no wrinkles. After an hour or so, you can replace the towel underneath with a dry towel. Finally, let the sweater air dry. This may take 24+ hours, depending on the environment.


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