Free shipping, Free Returns in the US

How We Work

  • The website is our only store. We don't offer our standard collection in retail outlets or through other e-commerce sites.

  • Delaine & Co. makes a limited amount of sweaters every year. Although we may sell out of certain styles and sizes, this keeps our manufacturing and inventory costs in check.

  • Delaine doesn't mark down its prices at the end of season, so there's no reason to wait to make a purchase.  We do provide discounting to existing customers.

  • We hate pop-ups, so we banned them on our website. We want to make shopping on-line easy.

  • We respect our customers' inbox.  Even if you subscribe, you won't see many emails from us.  

  • Everything is sourced and made in the USA.  The wool, zippers, labels, manufacturing, and shipping boxes.  

  • If you have a quality or workmanship problem with your sweater, we'll fix it or replace it.  Anytime. 

  • Delaine promises a good response on all inquires. Always within 24 hours. or call 603-488-5169. 

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