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Contributors to the Delaine website and brand.

We have a great cast of characters that showcase our ski sweaters.  The folks in the product shots are real skiers (and they can really ski) who have day jobs and love the outdoors.  

Valerie Surprenant Designer

Valerie was raised in the Adirondacks, and grew up with family and friends skiing. She met her husband, an avid skier, while working in Manhattan as a fashion designer. They soon moved to New Hampshire and had kids, who were also raised as skiers at a very young age.
"I’ve designed for a wide variety of products. My passion is working with great color, pattern, and texture, so was very excited to have this opportunity to work with Delaine & Co on designing these bold and colorful sweaters in this wonderful quality of merino wool".

Carl Scofield - Photographer

The first time Carl stepped into a pair of skis was about 60 years ago. He was hooked and has skied every year since. For 40 years his home has been Breckenridge, CO where he’s managed to make a living with his camera, living a lifestyle with a healthy sense of adventure and a love of the outdoors. Over the years one thing has remained consistent for Carl - the love for classic wool ski sweaters. Yes, that’s him wearing one in his youth on the racing hill. One of Carl’s favorite quotes by Warren Miller is; “if you wait another year, you will only be another year older”.

Scott Cross

Scott's a Nederland CO resident with interests in real estate and home building. He spent 20+ teaching downhill skiing at Greek Peak and Park City. Scott spends his time renovating a miner's cabin, tending to a needy English Mastiff, and riding a mountain bike in the hills of Ned and the Boulder MTB Park (He won't admit it, but was on the cover of Mountain Bike magazine in the 80's). During the ski season you can find him working on his high edge angle at Eldora.

Cat Iwanchuk

Cat's an East Coast native and borderline Colorado local, having lived in Denver for the last 10 years. She actively "lives for the weekends" and can be found earning Stava miles on her mountain bike in the summer, and logging scans on her ski pass in the winter. Her favorite mountain experiences begin with a coffee driven alpine start and end with a cold beverage on a tailgate, reveling in the day's stoke with good friends.

Sandi Betters

Sandi, a Nederland resident, is married to Michael Buell, another Delaine skier.  She’s a general contractor, designing and building custom homes in Nederland and the surrounding mountains.  In her spare time, she likes to raft, play with her horses and mountain bike.  Her favorite place to ski is Revelstroke, but her legs pay the price after a full day.  (As you can see from the pictures on the website, Sandi is quite a skier and competed nationally). 

Michael Buell

Michael, married to Sandi, is the President and Global Sales Manager of Banshee USA, a small MTB manufacturer that makes real bikes for real people.  Michael, also a youth ski racer, enjoys mountain biking, river trips, hiking and other outdoor adventures with his friends and family.  His favorite ski areas are the small hidden gems (so I guess he won’t share where they are), where the lifts might be slower, crowds are thinner, and the terrain is untouched.

Lydia MacKenzie

Lydia, also an East Coast native, and a NH 48 4K mountain bagger, traded in the "hardpack" for the allure of the soft snow in the Rocky Mountains and the lifestyle offered in Boulder CO. During the winter she's an early morning I70 warrior on the weekends, having breakfast in the lot waiting for the lifts to start spinning. She also enjoys Eldora and trips to other mountains with friends and when family comes out to visit. In the off season you can find Lydia on a mountain bike, tennis court, pool, or behind the boat on a slalom ski.

Josh Strzempko

Josh is an East Coast native who splits his time between New England and the Mountain West. He works hard to cultivate a quality of life around the important stuff. He loves to slow it all down by going fast. In the summer and fall he can be found back in New England chasing hero dirt or spending his afternoons and evenings in the foothills outside of Denver. In the winter and spring he bounces around the front range riding chairlifts and enjoying apres ski with friends. When conditions are right he also enjoys backcountry skiing and sledding. For Josh it is all about the adventure- the process, the trials, the friends, and the smiles!

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